Increase storage size & relocate storj Token/data

Is it possible to relocate storage Token & Data to a different node?

I am planning to upgrade the Token & Data to a different node with 17 TB & a different IP address. I noticed that it’s not viable to have two IP addresses in the same location since it can hurt the reputation. So I was thinking of just using one IP.


Regarding 2 IPs everything is exactly the opposite. Having more than one node behind the one IP is not so good as the only one: Add multiple drive, restart node with different parameters, and reduce Storage with out penalty


Thanks Alexey, I successfully transferred over Storj Token & Data to a new computer. Although I did receive Last Contact: Offline. I opened the port so that it is back online now. Everything good now. Thanks for the help. :wink:

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I hope you transferred an identity folder instead of token. Because your token is one time usage.
If you recreated the identity, then it would be a new node.
So, make sure that you transfer exactly identity folder, not the authorization token.

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Forgot to say identity folder instead of saying Token, all good :wink:

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