Increasing size in config not visible in Dashboard

I manage my docker environment using Portainer.

I did edit container and changed the STORAGE environment to the new size (larger).
After restarting I went to the volume containing the config.yaml. The configuration change is reflected there!

When I go to the Sorj Node Dashboard it’s still displaying the old “Total Disk Space”. Unfortunately the logs aren’t displaying the loaded values at startup (enhancement perhaps?).

Am I not patient enough or is there something else i have to do?


Hi @NlFluffyNL
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I’ve forwarded you question to the team for some answers.

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The docker run options have a higher priority as the config file. Most likely you have the allocated size as part of your docker run command.

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  1. I would recommend to do not use GUI to operate docker containers, because you do not control how authors implemented their wrapper around the docker. Something can be broken or can even lead to disqualification (like it were with using of -v option instead of --mount, see Node disqualified...WHY? - #10 by BrightSilence)
  2. If you updated the STORAGE environment variable, then you do not need to update config.yaml. The change in STORAGE variable does not update the config.yaml file, because that is not needed - it will be overridden with the environment variable, see storj/entrypoint at b5194762f2f4976747880d99a56542008e7df2d5 · storj/storj · GitHub
  3. After updating the STORAGE environment you need to re-create the container, to do so you need to stop and remove the container and create a new one with all your parameters include changed ones.
    In CLI it’s easy to do
docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode
docker run ....

Sorry that i didn’t update it with the solution.

There is a bug in Portainer that it can’t update some settings on a Synology Docker installation… You can guess it… Environment variables is one of them.

When I changed the environment variable through the Docker application in Synology OS. It worked directly as expected.

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