Individual payout cycle?

Who want an individual payout cycle ?

I suggest options for 3/6/12 months. (with 2%payout limit, and try the next month if not reached or something else)

could be specified in the wallet options/yaml, and would help new users, reduce L1 gas fees, and make an easy tax report for SNO on zksync- lite.

eg first Year- 12 month, its low anyway.
second year 6 month, or3 or 1 like ever.

since im not in need of the payout, id love to get payed once a Year. even on L2.

Storj-token could stay longer at storj, SNO save gas.

?opinions anybody?

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Thanks awesome- Alexey for the nice voting button at the top!

Maybe a switch to halt payments would be sufficient. So a SNO could pause and resume payments any time.
However with the fluctuations of Storj coin I can see the complaints coming.

yes, that could work fine, but will intensify gambling with the token, wich an alternative cycle does not, imho.
with an maximum of one year maybe? (to prevent nodes not getting payed)

why? you can always cash out instantly after pay, and get what you deserve, or gamble/hodl it like always.
thats why i would prefer cycles, so its like always with the token, but storj is more flexible with buyback from tokens, and L1 people save also lot of gas. with the reduced threshold.
12payments=12times gas vs. 1,2 or 4 times gas

its propably more easy to edit the yaml than to learn about L2s on blockchain!

Thanks awesome- @Alexey for the nice voting button!

Depends on the implementation but if your funds are locked so that you cannot sell them and the prices increase people will complain.
The payout threshold is bad enough actually. And imagine you lockup your funds for month and when you want to get paid the fees are so high that you cannot get paid for months or something.
I think if fees weren’t such an issue I would even prefer to get paid more often than monthly. Like continuously at the end of the day or every hour.
Basically the original idea was to be able to pay really really small amounts.

No. Its a good thing for everybody.
Why would you pay more gas?
That few bucks you can make with 3 month payout? Propably saved more gas than it would be profit.

But its more likely to get a payout if its higher!
Plus you already have tokens you can sell from the last payout. Its personal luck if you don’t cash out instantly.

Watching this thread and the vote count.

Interesting proposals.

There will be other considerations such as USA corporate accounting and token regulation issues that will need to be examined. We will look further depending on how much traction this idea gets and if the cycle length triggers any regulatory issues.


Could be even a fixed cycle to choose.

Do they complain that they could not sell a half month of storj-token? NO.
Realy someone unhappy for not payed out 12€ right now but later, saving 3€ gas?

Remember you can chosse yourself and know the “risk” (but esp. For L1), i see only ups.

The threshold is required so that Storj does not have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on little payouts. But its not really good. The original idea was if I am not mistaken, to be able to pay even very little amounts to node operators. I would still prefer that.

But as said, if there is an optional way for a node operator to pause and resume payouts on a month to month basis, I would not object.

That’s zksync. I assume you use it?

No, I don’t use this zksync.

But then its unpredictable. But yes. Depends on the implementation.

Ah. Ok. That explains a lot. You have small nodes <8TB filled? Wich wallet?

I suggest to read about it. Its what you are searching for.

Love that its recognised.
Waiting to learn from it, even if its bad news.
How can i advertise the voting in another way than mentioning?

I think we already had that discussion some years ago…

One more option that was discussed then was to just put a “payout now” button on the Dashboard and SNO’s could choose when exactly they want to cash out. Of course there have to be limits, e.g. it’s only possible once a month and with a certain payout threshold etc…

With that solution SNO’s would have most freedom and nobody can complain about token price changes anymore. I also remember that many forum participants stated that they would cash out much less frequently than once a month if that saves fees for STORJ, including me.

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It’s not something I would personally be interested in, but I think other node operators might.
I think it’s important to recognize some different profiles of node operators here.
Some, like you (@daki82), would prefer to avoid any risk of token value fluctuation and convert to fiat immediately. You didn’t mention this specifically, but the assumption that more frequent payouts leads to higher costs for you kind of gives that away.
Other node operators would prefer to just keep the tokens around and find a good moment to sell them to maximize profits. This includes me and I assume @jammerdan based on their responses. In that scenario more frequent payouts are ideal so you have immediate access to your earnings should a value spike happen.

As a node operator, ideally I would love to be able to trigger payout manually and just let Storj Labs accumulate a tally of my USD earned until I press the button to pay out. I’d probably let that balance sit around for quite a while. This would safe Storj Labs from paying transaction fees and provides a buffer for their reserves as well. The big downside is that this would allow node operators to wait for low storj value and if the value plummets, many would trigger payout and instantly drain the reserves. This has been suggested before, but always bumped up against that issue. And for good reasons. I personally think setting a predetermined payout schedule is a good compromise for the people who want to avoid token fluctuations, while also limiting the opportunistic payout triggering that could drain the reserves too fast. Even if it’s not for me.

I would only opt-in if it will be some withdraw system, that i see how much i made and can withdraw when i want, event agree to pay transaction fee in this case.

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wrong, its the opposide, i gamble :joy: but i could also wait 6 months to do it :sunglasses:
i opted in zksync after first 18 months, so i see both sides.

Exactly what i thought about it, Thanks for your opinion.

No, thats not my idea.

fixed schedule for everyone is fair. could be individual starting point to reduce the amount of tokens to payed out at one point.
1st sno (month) 1-4-8-12
2nd sno 2-5-9-1
3rd 3-6-9-12
so its 3 cycles/ counter, chosed at starting point by sno, so its not crowded at december. and no one/group could rigg the system via button.

sorry, won’t happen, that could crash token economics real fast.
despite a wait-to-payout-for-X-months-button would work, so its not token price driven.

For give me, i’m very tired atm. if i understand correctly, cycles means not payed every month, but in cycle 3 or 6 o 12 months?
That got my attention, because i think, STORJ need a solution to have different held amount after 15months passes, in case node goes “bye bye” without graceful goodbye.

Also i think current holding of most of SNO’s earning by first 1 year is detrimental. I think that there should be always a period of 2, maybe 3 months delay before the node is being paid. But it can be still payed monthly. That way, the held amount always scales, and period of 2-3 months act like a security deposit, like for the apartment. In case any damage been made. More over i think, it’s more important after 15 month, because if node is in 20TB size, the last 2-3 month will be significantly big. I don’t know if this will be enough to cover node rude quit at this point, but sure it will be higher than any held amount currently a past 15months node has.

if the idea has space to include that, i support. But i’m happy with month to month payouts, and looking for first one by zksync-era to be made! My understanding is, its a milestone in cutting gas fees for everyone, like 10 times cheaper than L1? so is STORJ so much more in need to save even more gas than era enables?

No need to involve the held amount.
Its about the choice of the sno to contribute without downsides and free of choice.
Like expanding on the side how much payouts have to be done. Per year. (3x15€ or 1x45€ in 3 months? Id be more happy with 1x45. Storj also.)

Ofc it matters more on L1. 2500 wallets L1 AND 1750 L2. But many SNO are on L1. When you know payout in first year is maybe 60€
Why not in one payout? Since i plan to run nodes until death (mine or the drive. Watever happens first :sweat_smile:)