Info.db: database disk image is malformed

Hi, i stop docker, rm the storagenode container, increase storage space then re-run the docker with new STORAGE size value, but i get the error

Please help me.

This error requires you to perform the steps included in the link in order to recover the infodb database and is a critical error that requires immediate attention.
This is a problem unrelated to the original issue of this thread.

Thank you @tankmann my server is now running on my DS :wink:

I noticed an Error during the bandwidth rollups “database disk is malformed”
Did you have the same issues?
Any ideas how to fix that?

Node is still running…

I didn’t see that (but may have overlooked it).
Have you tried to stop and then start again after it ran for a little while and see if same error comes back?

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Thanks @Alexey i checked the info.db with sqlite , seems like it worked for me
no further errors like that.

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