Ingress and Egress of data

HI people. I am an SNO that currently runs storage nodes in 4 different locations. since storj doesn’t work like most common services latency is a relative term to target. I am wondering and plan to find out down the line this.

3 of my 4 nodes are new and still getting vetted. Non the less 2 of them are located next to one of the countries IX`s (Internet Exchange) I currently do not pay much hence I am able to operate SN in a DC. but since they are next to IX they have super low latency to surrounding countries in Europe. Meaning that relative latency to lots of places in Europe is low as the IX is liked to others in different countries using a high speed other words people that want to utilize the node theoretically have smaller latency.

Now the question is are nodes with lower latency more likely to be utilized?
And since he latency and upload speed is higher will they have a chance of having a higher Egress?

If anyone has any experience let me know. Thaks

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I’m quite lucky as I have to run the server non the less as there are some other services that require the stability of DC. Just part of the two servers is given to the storage node. So the overall cost is technically low for me. And the over all servers have a relatively cheap hosting fee. So if the worst comes I can alone cover the cost of running them, they would pay for them selves. I estimate that will happen at 7month mark.

Thanks for the quick response.