Ingress dropped drastically


I was messing around with my network connection causing it to drop a few times, now my speed has been reduced. How can i ensure my speed gets back up to what it was previously

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see this

Ingress went from about 1TB+ a day to under 200GB a day. Is this normal all of a sudden? There is still 4.48TB of free space left.

Reference this thread, read the first post and then scroll towards the bottom: Updates on Test Data

They were running lots of tests recently. They found some issues and stopped the test data coming in.

Not sure how long you’ve been a SNO, but the ingress rates we were seeing were unprecedented. I’ve been at this since mid-2019, and last month was ~12.3x higher ingress rate/amount than the highest month I had previously seen (which was back in Apr 2020).

I can’t necessarily speak to whether what we’ve been seeing is a new “normal”…but looking at the historical data June 2024 was between 12-250x more ingress than I’ve seen ever for a given month.

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Yeah I think taking 2 years to fill a 8TB was normal for most people.


I guess there will be a hard landing for some new :money_mouth_face:SNOs.


And then half of that data will be deleted. This is what happened in the last years… hope things going different in the future! Stay positive :rofl: