Ingress dropped to almost zero?

Question: The Ingress bandwidth on my node dropped to almost nothing Tuesday. I still have Egress bandwidth, a little light but it’s there. My Ingress went from averaging around 0.9GB of usage and 2.4GB of Repair to yesterdays totals of 10.6MB Usage and ZERO repair. I have 100% scores everywhere, so just trying to determine if this is normal or if something is going on.


What version are you running? Minimal allowed is 1.35.3 per

Below that you wound see new Ingeress. Thats not a huge problem but you need to update.

I dont realy know why the dashboard is showing v1.24 as minimal though. That version is ~6month old.

Thanks Trooper…

It was the version, and as you showed, I didn’t know it was an issue because the dashboard was showing the wrong info. I updated the code and ingress started flowing again. Lets hope the next version fixes the dashboard so it shows the correct minimal version.

Appreciate the help!

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From my understanding (more knowledgeable staff, jump in and correct me if I’m wrong) that is the correct minimal version to not be disqualified… basically it is the minimal version that would allow for egress I believe. Once you’re behind that you’re too far back for the node to function as a part of the network. What you’re interested in is the minimal version for ingress, which I think is two updates back from current? I don’t believe this is an actual number back, like “current version - 0.2” or something, but rather number of times a new version has been pushed. Using random sequential numbers for example, if there were updates in the order of 1.22.1, 1.22.4, 1.23.1, 1.26.3 with 1.26.3 being current then I think at 1.22.4 you would still see ingress but at 1.22.1 it would be egress only.

I had suggested this tooltip be better defined, I’d encourage you to go and vote for it here: Improved version tooltip on dashboard

If you’re not auto updating then I’d advise watching the Product Discussions section of the forums for changelog advisories, or watching as Trooper suggested, although I don’t think the storagenode/minimum/version value is truly the minimum allowed as they suggest. The key values to watch in my opinion are storagenode/suggested/version as this will be what is current and storagenode/suggested/rollout/cursor as this indicates when the Docker images (what I’m using) will be released. When the cursor value goes to all f’s the image should be up on Docker for pull.


@Craig is right. The minimum allowed version on the dashboard mean that version still can be online, but only egress traffic and no ingress.
The ingress would stop if your node’s version is 3 versions behind. The versions are not sequential, but published.
You can read more there: Where can I check for a new version? - Node Operator