Ingress fluctuations fully vetted nodes

can some of the SNO share their ingress bandwidth experience over the past 2-3 months?

I am currently seeing much less ingress that say 6 months or so ago, can someone explain the background why ingress is so low these days?

Please limit the discussion to fully vetted nodes that have been online for more than 6 months

The background for low ingress is always the same:

  1. Either StorjLabs has changed test traffic pattern and sends less traffic to the nodes.
  2. More node have been onboarded, so the total of traffic has to be shared among more nodes
  3. Too few customers are actually uploading data onto Storj DCS

should look something like this if your node is fully vetted, deviations are usually very small unless if caused by latency, low bandwidth, overloaded system… or whatever…