Ingress pattern


Could you explain me why i have got this pattern as ingress (every day).
It can’t be customers uses. It is so regular.

Have you separated out repair ingress?

It’s the same for me:

Might be a test pattern.

Have you separated out repair ingress?

Not possible on this OS network graph but i can tell you for today, the repair ingress is only 13% of total ingress.

Ok. I just wondered if it might be repair since mine is about the same as normal ingress.
Yuck, most ingress is from saltlake. I thought we were on customer data by now

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Easy :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting, on my node it’s egress which jumps around:

And it looks like it’s repair traffic that does this (note, this graph shows requests, not the amount of data):

While ingress does jump around a dit, it’s not repair, at least on my node:

Same for me, it repeats every 1 hour. Could be a major customer running hourly batch jobs that generate data, or backups.

(ingress after some smoothing/filtering)

I thik I found it, it was a bit lost among all the other traffic.

europe-north is one of the satellites primarily used for tests.


So there is a lot of data test compare to users data !?

Seems like this is still the case these days, yes.

Ok, thank you all.