Ingress received less due to QOS

I’m using 1G internet.
In Korea, there is a QOS at the contracted Internet transmission speed per day, so if a certain transmission/reception passes, it takes 100MB of speed limit even if you use the Giga Internet. (150GB per household)
Recently, ingress on test satellites was high, so most transmissions exceeded 150GB

Naturally, after the 100MB speed limit was imposed, ingress also led to a drop in reception accordingly
I think the maximum transmission speed of 100MB is 10MB, so I thought it wouldn’t be much different from before QOS, but the rate is less than 1MB. If the QOS standard was a little higher, I could have received more ingress :frowning:

nodes in different locations

I’ve never had 200-300GB INGRESS per day, so I feel good.
(It also feels like a lot of trash is generated)

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It would be great if there wasn’t QOS, but it’s not easy to keep up with the service in Korea…

I thought Korea was a very well connected country!
Do you not have the option of another ISP who will not impose constraints on your line?


Yes, Korea has a high internet penetration rate, but it costs a lot to use it for professional purposes. (Twitch withdrew recently due to network usage fees.)
QOS is also a bit strict, but since there are only three ISPs, they all operate with a maximum limit of 150GB…

Could the be due to the new node selection algorythms for SLC ?
I would imagine that if you are capped at 100Mbit, you would fail many more uploads, and due to that get much less picks in the algorythm.

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That could be possible!

If fast internet receives a lot of reception, nodes without QOS constraints may quickly fill up capacity. may be… :thinking: