Ingress repair in my nodes

Hello! I have a little doubt, it is normal to have 1a 2 gb in
ingress repair??? in my first node and in my second one (in different locations) the same thing happens to me. any idea why this happens? It is normal? the second node has all the new hardware

I have the same, don’t know why.

Repair Ingress is data that other nodes have lost or their nodes got disqualified. It’s perfectly normal.
Your nodes are fine.


when is data that my nodes provide to the network would not be egrees?
I believed that repair ingress is because my node has lost some data and when it is repair egrees it is when my node helps the network with data that other nodes have lost.

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egress is when your node sends data.

A repair traffic always consist of two parts:

  • egress repair traffic, when the node sends data to the satellites for repair;
  • ingress repair traffic when the node receives from the satellites repaired pieces.

The egress repair traffic is paid $10/TB, the ingress repair traffic is not paid (your node will be paid for storing pieces).
You can read more there:


That’s not what’s happening. Some nodes lost pieces of a file. The satellite eventually repairs the file once enough pieces are lost. Repairing the file involves retrieving pieces of the file from the nodes that still have pieces of it and then sending out new pieces to other nodes.

Your node is one of the nodes that is receiving pieces of a file after other nodes lost pieces of that file; this is data that is entering your node, not leaving it.


So, how do I know I’m not receiving pieces that my node lost? I guess I would start failing audit checks before this happened?

I don’t think that the network considers your pieces lost until your node is actually disqualified. At that point you wouldn’t be able to receive any new pieces owned by the satellite that disqualified you, so it’s not possible for one node to receive the same pieces that are being repaired – “piece on node X from satellite Y considered lost” and “node X can receive uploads from satellite Y” are mutually-exclusive states.

However, if you run multiple nodes then one of the other nodes not disqualified could be eligible to receive a repaired piece.

It considers them unhealthy if your node is offline for 4 hours or more as well. But then your node is… you know… offline. So it can’t receive pieces either.
Or when it’s suspended, which also means it isn’t getting new pieces.

Non-fatal HDD errors could cause pieces to become lost. Also, what if I intentionally deleted a piece? Surely the piece would be considered lost then. I’m just curious to see how the storage node would handle that, but not curious enough to try it. haha

Nope, they won’t be considered lost. It’s impossible to audit every piece frequently. So instead of bothering to track the health of individual pieces, the satellite determines whether your node can be trusted to have the pieces based on sparse audits and statistical inference.

So if you delete a piece, that will only matter if that piece happens to get an audit. And since a single audit won’t get your node disqualified, losing a single piece is not a problem.

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Hello, I’m new here. I just started running 2 nodes in different locations.
I’m just wonderring what’s the deal with high Ingress repair? Am I doing something wrong here? Both my nodes are getting quite a large amount of ingress repair. I just want to know if it’s normal or not.

Here’s the screenshot of 1 of my nodes dashboard.

Node 1 (screenshot)
Raspberry pi 3B+
1 tb WD external HDD
100/100 Fibr (static ip)

Node 2
Raspberry pi 4 (4Gb Ram)
2 tb WD external HDD
35/35 Fibr (dynamic noip)

Should repair Ingress traffic even be reported as such?

Logically repair Ingress traffic is just usage Ingress traffic from the point of view of a node. The fact that it has been generated via the satellite housekeeping process to maintain system integrity rather than a tardigrade client is an internal issue for storj, rather than something that a node operator needs to be aware of.

I had to search around to find a definition of this data as I’ve just extended my available storage by migrating to another drive and when I first saw the values I was trying to work out why a satellite would be ‘repairing’ my node. Over the last 5 hours I have seen 1.2GB of repair ingress traffic an hour vs 0.25GB of usage ingress an hour.

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