Ingress still at 0 since 1 Jun

I am not receiving data from satellites anymore, Ingress is at 0 and Egress is still at 1.9GB since the last month reset (1 Jun).
Is it normal?

Here is my SN dashboard:

It looks like have only allocated 500 GB of storage to your node which is why the available is <0 and the used is 500 GB. Therefore the storagenode will not get any more data.

The storage allocated is set when you create the storage node in docker. Have a look at:

The default value is -e STORAGE="2TB" \

You can change this value by running:
docker stop storagenode
docker rm storagenode

then recreate the storage node as the same way you did before with a different storage value using the docker run command.


Please, show the logs:
docker logs --tail 20 storagenode

And your identity:
docker exec -it storagenode ls -l /app/identity

@tomhb It doesn’t matter! I would still have data incoming and outcoming, wouldn’t I?

@luca.berte98 You can’t receive ingress, because you doesn’t have a free space.
The test case is designed in such way: it trying to upload a file, if it is successful, it will try to download some files back. If it’s impossible to upload the file (your case), then it will not perform any downloads too.

Please, copy the output of the command docker exec -it storagenode ls -l /app/identity | wc -l to make sure that your identity is signed.

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Here is the log:

The output is: 7

Looks like it’s signed. To be sure - please, count text blocks in the ca.cert (should have 2 blocks) and in the identity.cert (should have 3 blocks).

Logs contains successful audits requests, so, all working as expected.

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It’s so!
ca.cert has 2 text blocks.
identity.cert has 3 text blocks.

Then your identity is definitely signed.
So the solution only this: Ingress still at 0 since 1 Jun

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You will not get any new ingress data as you have don’t have any available disk space so there would be nowhere for the new data to be stored. If the currently stored data gets deleted by the satellite this would free up space for new data.