Ingress traffic 0, how can I check where is problem?

Since the last storj node reboot, I don’t seen any ingress traffic on the Storage node status.
Should I be worried?

may be it is full? check the logs
or it think that it is full

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1,46 tb is still free to use. Log u mean storagenode.log file?

Yes storage.log, is it HDD in OS show or dashboard show

Hello @Maksvell,
Welcome back!

Please check the free space in the allocation on the dashboard and on the disk (what’s OS reporting).
Also please search in your logs “less than requested” message after the restart.

Ah, right, thanks. My disk is full, I have 0 GB free and 1.1 TB of trash. Isn’t that too much trash?

Perhaps ok. We deleting a free trial frozen accounts data and also the customers become more active recently.
Just make sure that it’s match what’s reported by the OS, otherwise you need to search for issues in your logs related to a databases and/or filewalkers (used-space-filewalker in particular).