Installation of uplink_python Dependencies Fails [Windows 10]

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’ve been following the directions in the Github uplink-python binding readme, because I am trying to install the uplink_python module. The pip installation method appeared to succeed, but failed to accomplish whatever it is that it is supposed to in regards to a file named, as I have also seen other users in the forum report, so I tried the manual installation method.

I’m very experienced with Python and some other languages, but I have never touched Go before whatsoever, so I haven’t a slightest clue what the error messages I am receiving mean.

I ran this command from the readme in cmd.exe: go build -o -buildmode=c-shared

This was the output (censored to bypass link spam filter):
go build -o -buildmode=c-shared
go: downloading storj**[DOT]io/common v0.0.0-20231101115145-09481ec98b57
go: downloading githubj
[DOT]**com/zeebo/errs v1.3.0


loadinternal: cannot find runtime/cgo
runtime.main_main·f: function main is undeclared in the main package

Hello @ponysrc,
Welcome to the forum!

You need to install several compiler tools:

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