Installing multinode dashboard with old db


I needed to setup my storjnode system from an older backup, where the multinode dashboard wasn’t installed. Beforehand I copied the files from the multinode dashboard. Unfortunately when copying the files back to there original location on the new system, and trying to start, it gives me a “permission denied” is there a way to fix this? I thought if not, it should be possible to reinstall the dashboard, and put the old db back on, so I don’t have to add every single node again? I hope you can help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Is this windows installation? are u starting from cmd or from powershell?

I forgot to mention it is installed on Linux/debian.

You need to apply permissions to the restored folder, change the owner to your user and give it rw permissions, something like

sudo chown $(id -u) -R ~/.local/share/storj/multinode
chmod u+rw -R ~/.local/share/storj/multinode
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