Installing to Ubuntu, unsure if running

Hi guys I’m trying to get Storj up and running on a new Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS machine, and have followed the instructions on the website through until the end. When it was time to check the web GUI I am denied access to the page. The output of docker ps -a was:

Can anybody help me get it up and running?

Something is wrong in your docker start cmd.
Your node isnt running

hmm, okay, I am embarrassed to admit I’m brand new to linux and hoping to do this in a paint by numbers sort of way.

I recall steps that were supposed to start the docker on reboot, should I re-do them or is there a better way to make that happen?

Hey no worries. We have all been beginners :slightly_smiling_face:.
Storagenode docker starts with the system.

Whats your docker run Command?
Remove private like mail and wallet

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Hello @tsnyder85,
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Please, show last 10 lines from the log: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

Thank you for the replies, and sorry for the long delays.

I am actually unsure where to find the answer to that. I tired to go back to the steps in the documentation, but am having trouble locating that at this point. I believe the step was to copy their text, make my directories match where I installed Storj and then save it as a .bat file.

Sorry, the forum won’t allow me to copy and paste the code, so I’m just putting a pic

I also had a follow up question;
As I’m learning more about this stuff I’m actually wondering if it’s wise to install a Type 1 hypervisor to my computer before starting up this node. I was also hoping to do some other things on this hardware, and wonder if 2 or 3 VMs is a more stable environment than 1 bare metal ubuntu install hosting something like Storj and a couple game servers like minecraft or something

Exactly. Please, copy content of this file and paste it here between two new lines with three backticks, like this:

docker run ....

Posted error suggest that you did not specify the correct path to your identity in your docker run command, this is why we asks you to post your docker run command.

Yes, it’s about right if you do not use the host system for anything else. However, you can use it for anything else too :slight_smile:
I would not recommend to use hypervisor type 2 (VirtualBox and similar), since your service should work 24x7x365. Otherwise you would need to automate start of VBox and have other weird problems with that. But perhaps you would not have a choice, if your CPU doesn’t have a Intel VT-x or AMD-V capability and you do not want to make a Linux being your primary system on that hardware.

It’s up on you.

But before - please, post your docker run command and results of these commands:

df -HT


ls -l ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode

Alexy, I can definitely do that today some time and put the results here. My question is, if I wanted to run my node inside a type 1 vm can I use the identity I already created and start from scratch? It’s unclear to me how to migrate to different machines using the unique code I was given that is associated with my email.

The authorization token doesn’t matter, it’s expendable, you can request another one anytime.
The generated identity and associated data only matter. If your node has been run at least once and you want to save it - you should migrate both - identity and associated data.
If it was not run or you want to generate a new identity and start from scratch - then you do not need to migrate anything - generate a new identity, request a new authorization token, authorize your new identity, check it and setup the node