Installing windows gui

Hi all, could I please ask another question, when I was setting up my node, the bloke on YouTube said to setup my identity by using cmd, but I read somewhere that I should of used powershell. I was wondering if that’s why my uptime check is only 95%. Please could someone advise me on this please.thanks in advance

do you use ddns in your setup?

Hi Vadim, Thanks for reply,yes I do

Did you also instaled IP update tool?
Sometime between update of ip takes time, so there can be downtime.
If you just started node small downtime take big effect on %
Also you can inspect your logs, to see what hapened and when.

I don’t know much about computers,but are you talking about no-ip as that’s what I use,and yes only started on the 18th January

yes No ip has App for updating your Ip in domaind. It need to be instaled.
Also you need netime soft, to update your time on node. Better time, better working.

Ok I have network time install should I then change it

if you have something that updating time, than All ok.

Great only a little worried as on my other computer my node was disqualified

for what it was DQ?
lost data?

To be honest I’ve not got a clue, I got another auto token and started over lol

Did you start with a fresh identity or did you reuse the old one?

A new one as it wouldn’t let use the one I used

Ok just making sure because it is possible to reuse the old one and then screw up your node if you didnt delete the old one.

So do I take it,as I’m new that’s why my uptime check is only 95%

If your refering to the dashboard uptime I wouldn’t go by that, Use something like uptimerobot to keep track of your uptime.

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Ok will do and thanks for your help

but are you talking about no-ip as that’s what I use

You should let your router handle the DDNS via No-IP instead of using a windows application to update the dynamic address.

Hi @twl, sorry for being so thick.are you talking about not changing the internet protocol on windows,just leave it set as obtain a IP address automatically.if I leave it set on this I cannot connect to my node

I’m talking about letting your router connect to the No-IP service and then forwarding a single port to your computer.

This eliminates the need of any kind of No-IP client software on your computer.