Integration with Proxmox/Proxmox Backup Server

Hi, an idea: Proxmox’s backups would be a nice target for integration with Storj.


Proxmox natively supporting cloud backups appears to be a feature request that isn’t fully implmented yet. Even for their backup server product.

I haven’t seen any updates with more information after this.

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One other thing that stunned me about Promox recently was that to change a VM id it was recommended to restore from backups!

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You can do it right now:

  1. Setup rclone
  2. Use script and method suggested there: Proxmox backup VM over object storage B2 / S3 | Proxmox Support Forum

You can also do the same with uplink with a little advantage like expiring objects and automatic deleting of old backups.
Maybe even Duplicati would be a better solution, since it could do the same by schedule and backup only the difference.

Isn’t this still a problem Alexey?
“the storing part is not the problem (chunks already have a unique key, so they’d map nicely into S3 objects), but the way we do garbage collection currently is not 1:1 mappable to S3”

The bug report above is dated later than the thread you posted.

Since it’s not implemented on their side, the only viable way would be backup VMs at the moment.
They way behind the Veeam in this matter.

It is a very early release product. I’m running the latest and it is only Backup Server 1.1-5. They’ve not even added agents to be able to backup other os’es outside of Proxmox as yet so it’s not a general backup solution yet. (though I think can can backup Linux bare metal installs). Exactly as you noted I run Veeam Backup and Replication for everything else except the Proxmox VM’s.