Integrity check / Maintenance

Hello there! I know there is a lot of topics but is a little confusing.

I have a 10Tb node working. Today the computer had a hard reset. I dont see much errors on log but on “bandwidthdb error: database is locked”.

I looking for advice on how to do maintenance to the node. Like database purge steps, integrity checks, etc. Or even if I should do it or the node will take care of it.


You can search for database Vaccum it will clean up your databases it helps a bit, But in the new update you should’t have this issue.

New versions of node will auto vaccum the database you are saying?

Vacuum is not really necessary usually.

You can check bandwidth.db with this instruction.

After a hard reset it might be a good idea to check your file system as well.

The new version fixes the lock issues with used_serials.db, since this is a different db, it probably doesn’t fix this issue.

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