Interested in joining a panel?

Hi all,

Im putting together some ways in 2020 for people to deepen their connections to Storj/Tardigrade. I know everyone has different reasons for being here and I tried to think of ways that are inclusive to people who do this for fun, plus people who are looking to build a business on the platform.

We need people if a kinds! People who are:
:black_square_button: interested in helping to organize meetups, and evangelize/spread word
:black_square_button: interested in helping to inform the product direction
:black_square_button: helping us make the platform better by giving QA feedback
:black_square_button: wanting to participate in code contributions or bounties
:black_square_button: anything else missing from this list

Therefore, I have put together a signup form to help organize. The initiative is taking shape over 2020, and this is a first pass, so I anticipate that based on feedback it will likely evolve…let us know what you think!


Hi @jocelyn!
Can I propose did multiple selections of answers ?
I interested in multiple positions but can choose only one at this moment :slight_smile:


its my first yime embedding a typeform into the forum, i probably made the settings wrong. i willceck again, they were intended to be multiselects

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very strange i wonder what i did wrong?

I think it should be on settings for each set of questions

ok then :rofl:

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thanks i think its should be better now

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Much better!!! Thanks!!!

What does this mean? I mean, is this a form to sign up to potentially be a tester or something more than just occasionally posting in the forum or what? I’m a little bit confused in how this differs from me sometimes appearing on the forum and posting something, testing something etc.