Interesting hardware helios64 with 5 SATA ports

Does anyone tested it already?

Looks perfect for Storj node.

$295 which gives $59/per hdd

Comes with case and builtin battery backup.


Note: HDD not included.

Otherwise it looks nice.

Odroid HC2/HC4 cost from $55 per 1 hdd to $65 per 2 hdd, here you have a nice case, battery backup, m2 ssd slot.

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Ah, I seem to have misunderstood your original post. Sorry! :slight_smile:

I have one of these, but haven’t gotten around to migrating StorJ to it yet (I’m wanting to use K3S with it). I like the setup a lot, my primary complaint is that it only supports 4GB of ram, as 8GB would really open a lot of doors (advanced ZFS and potentially Ceph support).

Another thing of note is that the internal m.2 slot will disable one of the sata slots if you put a drive in it; with that said, I’ve been slowly working on a schematic to for a sata to m.2 usb adapter to try. Still, support for an EMMC module would have been nice.

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But it has SD card, so system could run from card

I have a pi4 where the system runs from sd card… not fun :smiley: every container update takes ages…

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Surely it highly depends on the type of SD you’re using? Never noticed big latencies during updates, but to be honest I’m not monitoring my Pi closely like you do…
It does not impact my online scores though, so it’s probably not more than a matter of minutes. Maybe that’s what you call “ages”, dunno :wink:

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you won’t notice it in downtime because when docker is ready to replace the old container, everything is already unpacked and ready to be started, so it just takes a few seconds. But the pulling and unpacking of a new image takes forever (at least feels like it if you have a Ryzen + SSD server at home :smiley:)


Have you disabled swap on your pi?

of course. SD card access is just really slow on a pi. maybe with a better card it could be better, idk but with the sandisk I have, it’s not great. But it’s fine for the pi, not much doing with it anyway. But for a real homeservver like the helios64 I wouldn’t want my OS on an SD card. I’d go crazy with its speed :smiley: And you have to make sure you don’t kill it with constant writes etc…

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This is definitely my experience with a few Odroid nodes. Initially I just used whatever SD card I had lying around, but it was excruciatingly slow to do anything. But once I got some newer SD cards, I/O is much faster.

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That heatsink is sexy

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