Introducing Storj DCS—Decentralized Cloud Storage for Developers


The link at the end of the blog post is wrong!!!

It links to:

But it should link to:

Same goes for this one:


@jocelyn ^^ Link in blog post is wrong

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Finally we are back with storj key visual. Few years ago when there was some Qx meeting I was wondering why would you change/add tardigrade as terminology… the idea was good but a simple search on google you will see only tardigrades not
Good decision!
“- 1” for the one who bought the idea with tardigrade

Personally I love how the palette feels so much brighter and more airy!
It still has a lot of similar colors, but just fresher and very contemporary

I think some correction is required: Company | Storj

Storj DCS provides private, secure, and economic cloud object storage and currently stores 4PB across 34,000 storage devices (Nodes) in 87 countries worldwide.

We have over 30,000 Nodes distributed all over the world.

Is 34000 not over 30000?

Node count is around 12k/13k.

Presumably that’s the figure from a third party, who acknowledge it’s only a best guess for number of nodes with free space, not including ones which are full.

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Well, there were around 9300 nodes in December, according to the last Decembers Townhall video.
I don’t think it is likely that the number has more than tripled since then. 12-13k sounds more reasonable.

Also from here: How Decentralized Storage Works

Currently, over 10k Nodes are being hosted in 84 countries.