Investing for hosting DATA

Hi. I am very new with Storj, only found out about storj few days ago due to Coinbase announcement. At the moment I am investing my money to Crypto and above this I try to get more and more different coins for long time holding. So Storj sounds as a good passive income. I have old computer and several free HDD non use disks, I like to try for the first month. To see how the system works and etc.
My old computer is using to much power, it is good for test but not to keep all year around. So my plan after test is to buy a mini pc 4core and 4TB HDD disk, it would cost me around 300 euro. For 300euro i can buy some coins and hold it, so does it worth to invest 300 euro to host data and get Storj rewards???

It is not easy to answer. Storj does not advise to invest into hardware. You certainly don’t need expensive high powered stuff. For 4 TB it may take up to 6 months or longer to fill the disk and you’ll earn approximately around 3 maybe 4 USD per TB hosted per month.

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Does it takes so much tike to fill 4TB?
3 USD is not so much, takes years to get back

The first month you can not expect a lot of traffic, as your node is going to be vetted, meaning your reliability gets checked by frequent data audits with only little data.
This goes on for approx. a month. When you node is fully vetted you can expect to receive more traffic.
Traffic can vary a lot. A lot, if not most of it is test traffic by Storj Labs, the rest is traffic from real customers so it is unpredictable how much it is, from where and when.
At the moment one of my nodes receives around 15GB daily inbound over the last days, so you can do the math how long it would take to fill 4 TB. If there is more traffic, then obviously it is going to take less time.


Does data stored via storj is growing constantly? I was looking for info but as far can not find Storj data increase in years.
Like brave browser publish all the time the users amount so you can see that the future of brave is promising.
Does Storj shares data like this?

There used to be quarterly Town Hall Meetings in which aggregated data has been shared. However there was none in Q1/2021.
But you always have to look at the numbers of nodes as well. If that grows the same rate theoretically nothing changes.

But yes we all do hope the number of customer will grow and usage by customers will increase. There are many ideas around and hopefully Storj Labs will pick them up or develop their own ideas that will make the user base grow.

It is definitley nothing for the quick bucks. Earning with Storj Labs is a long term commitment. Usually I recommend this device, an Odroid HC-2:

I think it is almost perfect for running a node. Best recommendation probably is not to invest (much), start small and grow your node as data flows in. It is no problem to increase the space anytime. So no need to start with hundreds of TB.


@mmindazz Have a look at this community made estimator (copy it in your Google account, then fill in your numbers):

It’ll give you a rough idea on what to expect.
But everything is slow with Storj: filling disks up, getting Storj tokens, market adoption (except for the recent STORJ price pumping, but that’s completely exceptional and due to market speculation: No one could tell you what will happen on the coming weeks/months, so no one could reasonably advise to buy Storj tokens or not, that would basically be a total gamble!)

Keep in mind it’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.
Well… something isn’t slow to be fair: usually getting feedbacks and responses on this forum is pretty fast :slight_smile:


I clearly understand that it is not fast rich schema, but idea is passive income buy building coins portfolio for long term holding. I invest every month my money to buy new tokens, but here is not enough money to buy all of them, so idea is to collect slowly by slowly. Because if decentralization moves further in years the effort will be paid out.


Thanks alot

Can be odroid hc2 be used for prive storage and at same time as node for storj?


I have a HC-2 running with Armbian and it behaves like a Debian. So you can basically do almost anything with it. If you don’t assign the entire HDD to your storagenode you can use the rest as you like.

Yes, it can. You assign an amount of space in a certain folder on your hard disk for Storj, it does not touch other (private) files.

Cool option, I never saw those before. As the Storj recommendation goes, “don’t invest in new hardware” and getting started I didn’t. Just a Rapsberry Pi 3 and USB drive cradle, got the job done. I did since upgrade my drive cradle to one that supports three drives, but I found that worthwhile as I could throw another two drives I had kicking around into nodes, have my single drive cradle free for other tasks, and that new cradle will probably long outlast the time I use it with my Storj nodes. So I’m maybe 30-40USD invested (hardware I didn’t already own) but it is something I can utilize outside of Storj. But to mmindazz’s question you don’t need much of anything special to take part. If you want to invest in some hardware you can do so on the cheap, but the official recommendation is to just use what you already have.

And I just recently inherited a SuperMicro chassis fully populated with sixteen 2TB drives, with dual SATA disk-on-modules for the OS. So that’s nice. :smiley: Time to read up on using zfs!