iOS/Android/Mac/Win App like dropbox

Dont’ want to shill or anything, but for the same reason I am eying on moving away from storj towards 0chain. Once live there will be an iOS/Android/Mac/Win App like dropbox…

I’m genuinely curious why you would post this in this specific forum?
Is there anything about this other service that you think Storj should emulate? If so, what?

You’re moving away from StorJ after it’s launch like a couple months ago for a new platform that is only planned and not live?

Wouldn’t recommend that.

Stick with what’s true and tested.


If all one needs is a publicly accessible location to grab one’s files… and one doesn’t care who else may have access to those files… one simply download IPFS Desktop:

And done!

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You can also use if you’re just trying to transfer a few files around.

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Don’t Panic! will live on!
After running and supporting for 4 years on my own, I’m happy to announce we are partnering with Storj Labs to keep the project going. From day one, the code has been open source. Storj has a commitment to open source sustainability and reached out to help us find a way to keep our project alive. Stay tuned for updates on the partnership with Storj, but for now, please continue to enjoy the service!
Blue skies, Remco Verhoef

Full Circle!

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Even better, already runs on the storj platform.

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I guess we are the Future, already.

Feels very strange to be on the front lines of new technology.

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Yes, every time I hear about a new project using Storj I get excited :grin:

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