iOS app for watching ERC20 adresses

Hey everyone,
do you guys know a good iOS app to keep track of ERC20 tokens?

I don’t want to manually add my monthly gains to Blockfolio or a similiar app.

Delta app does that when you add a ERC20 address. Imports all the transactions and tokens to your portfolio. It´s quite good.

Hehe, i just uninstalled Delta like 3 months ago. Didn’t know it could watch adresses…gonna try that out again, thank you!

I can only add what they call “Ethereum adress” and that says my adress is not a valid ETH adress…
/EDIT: importing via QR code worked

I might just switch back to Delta if this works with all my adresses, thanks again!

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You’re welcome :wink: it does work for my ERC20. Also, if you have a Ledger, you have Ledger Live app, but I think Delta will do the job.

I used Delta for 2 years now, but something bugged me, so I went back to Blockfolio…can’t even remember what the problem with delta was…

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