iOS media backup / sync apps

Hello from a Storj Labs employee. I’m looking for very unofficial feedback on Apple iOS apps for photo / video synchronization and backup for my own uses. If anyone already knows of an app which works with Storj (presumably via the S3-compliant Gateway-MT), that would be fantastic. However, I’m also interested in best-of-breed recommendations where I might be able to send some emails and convince a developer to support our backend.


If this is intended to be sort of an iCloud replacement for photos and stuff like that then I would be exceedingly interested in hearing about it as well…

I think Nextcloud with S3 as an external Storage could work.
You can Sync your Fotos and Save files with your nextcloud instance directly to your S3 Storage.

Update: PhotoSync was the only app I found which was generally usable and could be configured to use Storj. I haven’t tried NextCloud yet though.


Love to see an app with this option, sort of like google photo but on Storj (via S3 would be more popular, since StorJ is very new and less well known)

This may interest you Photos+ Integration Guide | Storj Docs
You can also find some threads discussing Photos+ on this forum.

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Thanks for the info, I tried both photo+ And PhotoSync. Photosync is good for backing up photos to storji and photoplus is similar to google photo where photos are backed up and be able to browse. But for some reason the transfer speed of photoplus is much slower and photoplus is not very stable and as user friendly, so might wait for a few revision