Ip updater failed

For unknown reason the 3rd party ip updater service silently failed which caused one of my nodes going offline for >24hrs.
I have said it before that relying on 3rd party crap for crucial connectivity is bad design choice from Storj.

So for anybody reading this, make sure you set your ip updating service to restart/auto-restart/restart-on failure or something like this.

just get Fix IP and you will no need 3rd party crap.

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In many places that would require a commercial internet connection which costs a hell of a lot more than any normal consumer connection. It’s not an option for most people.

Yeah. Given the importance of a dynamic IP mapping service, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better for Storj to operate one themselves, let say, as part of the satellite code.

Judging from the number of support questions related to dynamic IPs, I would guess it would improve reliability of the network in a non-trivial way.

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Then I am in good location, it olny 3.2 Eur for Fix IP.

If think logicaly node will need to send new connection with node ID to sattelite every 5 min.
Sattelite just need to parce node ID and IP from connection, and it will remoove need of DNS resolver on satelite. This is very easy and more efective.

What do you mean by “get Fix IP” ?

My provider is giving me FIX IP that not change, then no need of DDNS

Ah I see. No that is not possible for a private line with my provider.
It is very common here in Germany to have a dynamic ip that changes every 24 hours.

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Set up DDNS in you router and you’re done. Never had it failing on me in several locations. If you have a Fritzbox you can even use the MyFritz service for free.

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Good point.
Another thing came into my mind: Is it possible to set up a second DDNS as alternate? So if one fails, that the node pings an alternate? So at least it wouldn’t be a single point of failure.

still a “waste” of money if you do not really need it if you have a dynamic ip.

My box can use several DDNS services as fallbacks.

However, I’m not sure STORJ nodes themselves can handle that :confused: as they have to publicize their hostname to satellites: I believe this part can’t have fallbacks right now.

Just get Uptimerobot man and ease your life :wink:


I rely on a paid (=not crappy) DDNS service running in my router (=no crappy software). It is working just fine, as in no problems ever. Has been like that for years now.

didn’t know storj offers a 3pp IP update service? witch one is that?

Which program was updating your ip? I had a similar problem using duckdns docker.

It was the Dynui updater dynuiuc.
It has simply died. No log entries, nothing. A service restart made it work again.