IPFS Beta Long term Pinning


I wondered if anyone could help me about the IPFS Beta service?

I see that the current upload URL is available for anyone to upload files to IPFS (https://demo.storj-ipfs.com/api/v0/add). However, I read that it is possible to enable permanent pinning by supplying a beta username and password, which I have.

Regarding this:

  1. What are the costs for pinning to the IPFS beta service?
  2. Is it safe to assume the PINs are permanent until I chose to unpin them? (when supplying username / password)
  3. Once the Beta is completed and Storj goes Live with the IPFS service, will PINs be transferred to my existing Storj Account?
  4. What is the ETA in terms of taking this service fully live?

Thanks for your time

Hi opensky, we are discussing this internally and will have an answer for you soon.



  1. You can get more pricing information by filling out the contact us form on Storj IPFS Pinning. I dont know the pricing off hand.
  2. yes because the pinned data is storj on Storj DCS
  3. If we decide to migrate this to a production service then we would likely figure out a migration to get those pin’ed objects added to a users specific account.
  4. We dont have an ETA on making the service a stand alone product or feature on Storj DCS. This is something we have considered doing but at the moment we have roadmap items that are higher priority.

Hi @brandon,

Thanks for your response. I actually contacted Storj via the form you mentioned over 2 weeks ago but have heard nothing as yet. In a meeting I had with an onboarding team, they mentioned the price for IPFS pinning would be the same as the usual Storj pricing i.e. $4 / TB per month. As I have not had any response to the form, could you confirm this for me?

I already have a username and password for the service which was setup in the meeting so I will now assume I can use the pinning service permanently.

And my 2 cents: Using Storj’s network with IPFS is invaluable for the decentralised storage ecosystem so I’m really hoping that Storj follows through with this service. Many of the IPFS providers offering pinning services are using centralised servers on AWS etc and are so slow at initially pinning the file - not to mention they are more expensive than Storj’s service. Please, please bring this to production at some point!! :grinning:

IPFS is just another one gateway, so if you would like to have a more reliable storage, it’s better to use Storj native integrations. However, IPFS should work too.
I did remind the team that this question is still not answered.

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