IPFS now on Storj network!

Today at Devcon 5, we announced you can now use IPFS on the Storj network. Read all about this community-led effort:


So now we can upload random files into storj network and… and then? It is just to test the network? Why 10MB limit?

IPFS is a protocol. Supporting it means that we open the gates to a new group of applications.


Just a follow-up via: Storj projects over before even started? - #2 by stefanbenten

In terms of storjipfs.com 5 we are working on issues in the connector, that caused files to not be available via the ipfs commands. When that it sorted out, we plan on starting it back up.

@jocelyn I’m super happy about this announcement!

Good work guys! Unfortunately, when I go to storjipfs.com . I see “This service is currently offline”


thanks for flagging that. I will pass along this feedback

We built an IPFS pinning, prototype in 2019, but found it acted as an unnecessary bottleneck, significantly slowing speeds for retrieval on Storj due to the Kademlia-discovery process for routing.

It was a distraction for a users, so we discontinued it. (https://storj.io/blog/2019/10/ipfs-now-on-storj-network/)

We are working on a more direct integration into libp2p that may end up being more useful here: https://github.com/utropicmedia/storj-IPFS

For the meantime, I recommend using the direct uplink library rather than a gateway. This will get you AWS-par performance.

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Looking forward to!


@jocelyn Thank you.

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