Is 2 terabytes enough to make a decent amount of money on Storj?

Hello friends
Do you think 2 terabytes is enough to earn good money from storage or should I get more?
Thank you for your help.

You can try this out:

In my opinion, 2TB is a good start. You can add more space once your 2TB are filled up :slight_smile:

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It all depends on what “good money” is in your opinion ^^
My view is that there’s no good money to be quickly made here, but rather some decent “extra money” on the long term.


depends how much you want to make. I operate 75+ TB it brings 100-300$ a month but it takes long time to get there.


How much of these 75TB are filled at the moment? :grinning:

How much does it cost to run these?

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Hole ammount is 120TB and 75+ TB of thim is filed. It is about 350-400W power consumption, 300/300 Mbit Ethernet

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You have several IPs then I assume? Because my understanding is that it’s not possible to fill that much behind a single IP right now.
400w would be 288kWh per month, which would cost 46€/month in my country. That’s a lot, but still profitable I guess :wink:

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i have price 0.1 eur/Kwh day and 0.07 eur/Kwh night. I have 2 providers here.
46 Eur is my hole apartment electricity.

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Oh waw, you’re lucky! :open_mouth:
It’s 0.18€/kWh here during the day (and 0.14€/kWh at night).

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And it’s €0.26/KWh 24/7 here. (Denmark…)

I’ve been able to sell much of my STORJ on the two occasions this year when the price got above $0.65 or $0.70, and this was STORJ I earned when the value was MUCH lower.

Guess what I spent the money on??
Several new 7200 RPM drives :joy:.
Also a professional coffee bean grinder :coffee: :yum:


What can we do to add more space? It’s posible make a raid 0 with several hdd, I mean, first I buy a 2TB HDD… then I buy other HDD, can I make a RAID with those HDD’s?? Can I add other HDD’s with RAID???

You can expand to a RAID, then set the used space for storj to a higher value, yes. RAID 0 is not recommencded tho, but you can instead start a second node on the new (single) HDD.

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I have no problem. Now I have one 2TB HDD. I’m going to buy a 10-14 Tb HDD and I’m going to migrate all the information to the new one. But I wonder what can I do when that new HDD is full. I have seen people with a rig with 40 HDDs!!! And I wonder again… How!!

The recommended way of increasing your storage is to create a new node for each HDD. You can run multiple nodes on a single computer.


I know but me and linux aren’t good frinds. Maybe when it happens I move the node to my daily computer and try to execute a couple of nodes with dokker…

Surely not for Storj, was it? Unless it’s only small drives like 0.5 or 1TB drives…
It doesn’t make sense to have hundreds of TB dedicated to Storj, it wouldn’t be used before tens of years… Even 40TB would take a few years (roughly 6 years with these days activity).

But using only small drives might not be interesting power consumption wise.

I don’t remenber exactly if it was 40 or 20 or 18 but it had a lot of storage, more than 40 Tb and for Storj. But my wonder is how is it? with raids, with several virtual machines, with dokker… I don’t know.

Well as @twl and @baker said, the best approach is to run a node per HDD.
It does not really matter if you run these nodes on one or more machines, as long as nodes get enough ressources (CPU/RAM) to run properly.

If there is any more details you’d like info on, please be more specific about what you don’t understand when you say “And I wonder again… How!!” :slight_smile:

Broadly, running multiple nodes is a matter of getting a signed identity for each, and configuring them properly so each one of them:

  • targets its dedicated identity
  • has a dedicated port to run (correctly redirected by your router)
  • targets the right HDD for storage (if linux, should be mounted statically via FSTAB)
  • uses the same STORJ (ETH) token address (as requested by StorjLabs)
  • has a unique name among all nodes running on the same computer