Is all testdata removed from nodes?

Hiya all!

For the last two weeks or so, about half my nodes have stayed at the exact same Used amount. The nodes will have ingress each day that far exceeds the egress, but I’ve noticed that my trashfolders are much more filled than normally. This is not exactly a problem, more a curiosity, but it makes me wonder: is all the test-data deleted? If I am just still in the process of having that removed, then no biggie.

I am a little worried that my storagearray can’t keep up, and new writes go into the trash section when I can’t win a race - I just can’t phantom that. The node in the picture below has a 4x8 TB RAID5 array and 500GB with of read-SSD cache. I’ve only got a little over 5TB dedicated to StorJ - the rest is pictures that seldom gets accessed.

Here is an example:

If the node is online and has a good reputation (100%) - there is nothing to worry about.
Test satellites have been shutdown, so only Saltlake is remained. However, it doesn’t really matter, they are paying for used space and bandwidth anyway. And you likely received a held amount from US2 and EUN-1 already.

If there would be a need to do something special, it will be published in this thread:

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Thank you! I had some issues with my ISP a few weeks back, so reputation on all the nodes are in the 70-80%. This should alleviate itself with time. I’ll be more patient and report back in week or two :slight_smile:

To fully recover your node should be online for the next 30 days. I’m afraid two weeks would be not enough to recover…

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Yes yes, of course, the nodes have been 100% online for the last two weeks, so for a full recovery I’ll wait an additional 2! :slight_smile:

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I’ve had some wierd traffic patterns over the past few days as well. Sitting at 98.5+ uptime on a newer node…

Any customers’ behavior is normal, they uses your node when they want.

Everybody can check the blobs folder,
4 =all good

6= some breadcrumbs left.

What do you mean? I didn’t get it

The title, if all test data from retired sats is removed. Thats how i tested it on my older node.

oh, I got it… If you have more than 4 subfolders in blobs, you likely have old satellites have been not removed…
Am I right?

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Aaaaaaaaand just to help any other person who might stumble on this thread; please confirm users should follow the guide below:

Can confirm, if you have more than 4 in blobs, leftover data is present.
after deletion is a good point to defragment.