Is anyone holding on to their earned STORJ tokens?

And if you are, could you explain why you expect the value to rise, or any other reasons.

I’m holding on to them for two reasons. I don’t want to do a lot of transactions and pay the cost for that every time and I expect that when things scale up and STORJ can be used to pay for the service, the demand will go up as well as the value. It’s always a bet of course, but since this is just bonus for me anyway I’m willing to take that bet.


At the moment there are 8 addresses holding 57.6% of total supply of STORJ …

see Etherscan

The token itself has been sitting well below ICO price since August 2018…

Given the above publicly available information, it’s rather unlikely that STORJ token is going to skyrocket in value anytime soon. However, it’s a very useful method of payment. And since SNOs are paid STORJ coins adjusted to the posted USD valuation of node activity, the precise value is not necessarily that important as long as the value is relatively stable.

I am not an investor of any sort, and this is not investment advice.

Same reasons as BrightSilence.
I would be happy if the value of STORJ increases but I don’t expect miracles. However getting my 120$ worth of STORJ into actual fiat money is just too much trouble and fees for the amount.
I just hold it as a future investment.


There is a lot of information available about those reserves. Most importantly, the vast majority of these tokens are in cascading 2 year lockups. I won’t go into all of it, because Storjlabs publishes extensive information on the tokens every quarter, so I’ll just link to that.

Especially given this lock up, I don’t see how a spike in demand would NOT lead to an increase in value. Now that theoretical spike in demand depends a lot on how Storjlabs will implement paying for the service with STORJ tokens. Which is also why they will probably not respond to anything asked here about that. :slight_smile:


Hmm, yes, I feel the same way. I hope that the STORJ team implements discounted payments with STORJ token. Although none of us hold large amounts from earnings, I would still like to keep few hundred USD :slight_smile:

I am also wondering if and when 3rd party satellites will go up, if they will be tied in to using STORJ, or they can just use their own tokens for payments. If they would have to use STORJ, it would create a massive demand for the tokens. Of course, being an opensource project, they can also fork the code to work with other tokens irrespective of original developer’s intentions.

I don’t think Storj could respond to anything on this thread with anything other than what you just linked to…

As with all things crypto, there are necessarily a lot of assumptions…

As far as my token use, I prefer to move most tokens, of any sort, to ETH for experimentation and blockchain development purposes. The real value in crypto is making it work for you, rather than waiting for the grass to grow.

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Not that I would expect storj team to weigh in here, as the tread is mostly just for curiosity. STORJ can be easily converted to there is no pressure to keep the tokens.

It would be good to get some solid info on what the future of STORJ token will be in terms of utility, so that SNOs can make well informed decisions on whether to keep the tokens or not.

Exactly. There will be limitations for Tardigrade satellites though. If you want to be one of those and be white listed on storagenodes by default, you’ll probably have to stick with STORJ for payment. But there is nothing stopping you from launching a satellite that uses different forms of payment or even altruistic participation. Say a charity launches a satellite for their data storage needs and asks SNOs to offer their storage space for free. They could choose to voluntarily allow those charities to use their nodes for free.

Agreed. There are a lot of things outside of STORJ that impact the value as well. The token has definitely felt the decline in the crypto market as a whole. I have a small amount of other crypto currencies I trade in a bit, but for now I’ve kept my STORJ where it is. I kind of like having one wallet with all my earnings so far. I don’t mind the value dropping a little. In fact, lets keep that going until half my escrow is paid out, then it can skyrocket. :wink:

For this you should just keep an eye on those quarterly reports. As @anon27637763 already mentioned, it’s highly unlikely anything meaningful in regards to the tokens will be communicated outside of one of those reports.


Holding coins doesn’t always pay off, As of right now storj has lost over 15dollars according to my wallet. This is a matter of preference although holding coins helped me and sometimes I lost alot of money because I held to long and price fell very quickly. This market is very unpredictable if you can afford to hold onto it it could be worth it, but then again it may not. Its really up to you.

For obvious reasons I can’t participate in the price discussion but I can explain what we have implemented. Customers can pay with credit card or STORJ tokens. One click on the coinpayments link, select USD amount and the customer gets a QR code. The service we are using for that has an integrated exchange option. As far as I understand we don’t use the exchange option.

The next townhall is close. Why don’t you ask all these questions there?


Yes, I’m holding even though it doesn’t pay off. Just since the last payout I lost ~35$, without counting the losses of the past.

Why holding then? I don’t even know. It’s just… I’m getting paid in STORJ, and they’ll remain STORJ until needed otherwise. I don’t hope to get rich with this project, it’s on the side. If the token collapses, I would be more sad about the project failing than about losing money on a side project I care about, I guess.


I’m invested and holding all my STORJ from my nodes.

2 main reasons

  1. I believe in the project and if they start to take serious players from Amazon S3’s platform this will be big.

  2. The likelihood STORJ will reach $3.13+ is very possible. What does this mean?

From replying today STORJ is worth $0.132 the all time high is currently $3.13, meaning the value has already reached this point. If you invested or kept your coins from today you can possibly see a 2271.21% gain. Zero idea if and when this would take place. Which lies the risk.

Let’s compare to BTC current value of $9,424.02 to get the same percentage gain the value would need to reach $214,019.04.

Seems to me STORJ has the bigger potential.

NOTE: Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. This is by no means promoting STORJ or BTC. Only food for thought and sharing what I’m doing.

I’m hodling. Don’t need the STORJ and only converted a part of it into ETH

Anything I make I just invest it back into it.

I’m holding onto most of it. I did spend a few usd worth on tardigrade storage just for fun and to try out tardigrade as a way to backup some stuff on my PC.

I too think that STORJ will rise in the future, but it is a fallacy to predict the future from events in the past. The fact that STORJ was traded at $3.13 during a speculative bubble doesn’t mean it will reach it again. Remember the tulip mania? :wink: