Is egress supposed to correlate with ingress?

What is the correlation between ingress and egress usage?

I decided to upgrade a node by increasing the disk space. I saw huge gains in ingress (250 gigs daily), and an increase in egress 3GB to 16GB daily. However, when the disk space got used up, egress decreased back down to prior amounts.

Why is ingress correlated with egress? Is this network test data being downloaded after being uploaded? If so, why doesn’t Storj continue downloading test data?

There isn’t really a direct correlation between ingress and egress other than you will generally see more egress the more data you store. That’s about it.

The behaviour you see might be due to tests still carried out, which consist of uploading files and shortly after that downloading it. If you have a full node, you will not profit from that. Otherwise it’s estimated or expected that you have about 10% egress for the data you store with real customer data.