Is it a good move to install linux on a encrypted LVM?

Can I install my linux on a encrypted LVM? Will it have any consequences while operating the node? I plan to install my linux Debian stretch on a SSD. And store my data on the other HDD.

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Technically yes, but it is a pain to boot, the last time I tried it you had to have the /boot partition and grub unencrypted, so it could then chain the encrypted / - also from memory the key is stored in memory, and so kinda defeated the whole purpose (this was a few years ago, so maybe it’s better now) - Storj is encrypted, so there is no benefit from double encrypting.

Potentially yes - depends on the CPU of the machine you are running, and its encryption offloading support. Storj node is very disk intensive, and every one of those read/writes will need encryption - you will have issues if you don’t have a decent CMR drive, Array or block/object storage.

why Stretch, it is end of life ? Buster should be the minimum unless there is good reason to be using old versions ?

What are you planning to do with this machine ? is it dedicated for Storj ? or do you want to use as a workstation as well ? will help us understand why you want to encrypt the drive ?

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I thought it would be a good decision to install the latest version of the Debain OS. That was the only reason to install Buster. All the update and shit. I already downloaded its iso file via torrent, so i think I am gonna go for Buster. Please comment down why I shouldn’t install Buster.

And the other question is that, how do I install the host package for Debian via external HDD which of course uses exfat file format system which is available on DVD 2 and DVD 3 iso file type?

I don’t know if its a coincidence but it had been two times since my google account has been hacked and the last time it had been hacked I was running linux on a sandbox. So I thought it would be better to encrypt at least the SSD to increase the security.

I am planning to run my node on Debain buster. I have intel core 2 duo processor on a 4 GB RAM. And 256 GB SSD where I will install the OS and 2 TB HDD where I will store the data for Storj.

Sorry, I was confused about the OS versions.

Buster is a good choice :+1:

Drive encryption is more about local security - I.E someone steals your computer, and you don’t want them reading the drives. Encryption won’t stop someone taking information of your machine, if you install something bad as root unintentionally, or leak information on a website accidentally.

For Google, I would personally ensure you use their multi factor authentication which uses either the google app, or your cell. It will mean even if someone has your google password, it makes it harder for them.

Also, Linux has some good tools in browser that will help like;

Using Firefox to browse the web and these plugins help;

  • HTTPS everywhere
  • Privacy Badger
  • uBlock Origin

Looks fine for a Storj node :slight_smile:

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