Is It better one node with 6TB or two node with 3TB (share same bandwith)

Hi there, I’m a new italian SNO and it is 15 days that my node is online! :slight_smile:

Question… Yesterday I found a new HDD 3TB. But I don’t want to stop my actual storjNode for upgrade the storage (for adding a RAID0 with the old HDD)… I think i will start a new StorjNode with the new HDD.

What do you think about that? In the same internet connection, for example 100MB UP and 100MB DOWN, is it better to have 1 Node with 6TB, or two node with 3TB per node? The second solution, obviously, it’s 25MB up/down per node…

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

For me, going 2 nodes is a bit better.

You can get more space on a single node by using RAID, but you increse the chance of loosing everything if one of the disks fail by 100%

But if you have 2 nodes, you can only loose 50% if a drive fails.

Myself I only ever used RAID 0 (or 2 drives in a ZFS pool) as a temporary measure, which gave me time to get a larger drive to move the data onto.

If you have 2 drives, then make 2 nodes, dont put them together, you will have dobled posibilitie of node fail. 2 nodes will work better, less stress to each disk.


there is practically no difference in performance… in regard to the node vs nodes in egress / ingress, its split evenly between them…

ofc like Vadim points out, other factors come into play… like there so often do with the underlying hardware for IT solutions.

Shouldn’t we just merge all these into 1 big thread about it? I feel like i read 10 of these post a week.