Is it enough to pay the electricity bill?

I don’t expect to make a lot of money through this.
but…is it enough to pay the electricity bill?
I received less than 10 STORJ coins last month…

This is why we suggest to run a storagenode on the hardware which is online anyway, such as home servers, NAS, miners or at least on power efficient hardware such as Raspberry Pi 3/4, Rock64, Odroid HC2

If your node is new, it’s in the vetting process. The vetting node can receive only 5% of potential traffic until got vetted. To be vetted on the one satellite, it should pass 100 audits for it. Usually it should take a month for the one node.
You have paid only part of earning, the part of it is held back on NodeID. The percentage is depends on age of your node:

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Yes it is enough to pay the power bill if you have power efficiently in mind, Running hard drives 24/7 isnt that expensive, If your running a node on a high power gaming system its probably not going to be enough to pay for power. Run a node on a low powered like a Rpi or a low power desktop that is running the node. My node take about 75 watts max that 2 nodes on one pc and mostly its around 35watts less under full load, Its about the same as 1 light bulb if you want to think if it in perspective.
The first month of running a node probably not because your in vetting stages and just starting out so I wouldnt expect it to pay for a full power bill for your house, But the longer you run it the more it pays for it self.
I would take any unnecessary hardware out of a machine that is running a node if its dedicated for a node.