Is it normal for node to use little disk space?

Hi, i I have been running node for three months, but the space used is still very small. why?

do you have only one node? May be someone have node in your /24 network?

Is your node up to date?

I’d also recommend you use the script to check your ingress successrate…I started my third node almost two moths ago, which spent the first month getting through the vetting process (i.e. not competing with my two older nodes for ingress since they are all on the same /24 network) and that new node has ~220GB stored…

similar to the other responses, things to check:

  1. whether this is the only node on your ip address
  2. is your node up to date? the version number in my image above is the current release on docker nodes
  3. check your successrate. You could have a really low successrate, which would be due to slow internet connection, slow drive connection, or slow drive. This could be why you’re seeing such low storage space used after 3 months…see the thread below for how to check this if you’re not familiar.
    Success rate script - Now updated for new terminology in logs after update to 0.34.6 or later

here’s what my new node looks like:

Side note: I’m well aware the download successrate is low, which is to be expected as this node is running off of a 2.5" external HDD that’s plugged right into the raspberry pi with USB 3.0. It’s not the type of drive that is recommended for Storj’s application. I can’t confirm since it’s a closed enclosure on what kind of drive it is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s SMR.

Yes, i’m pretty sure it’s only me

Yes, its version is v1.17.4

it’s my node. Looks normal