Is it ok to run node on Ubuntu server running LAMP?

Hey, guys, do you have any experience of running LAMP and storj node on single Server I have a server running lamp on ubuntu. Is it ok if I run it there?

What do you guys think about it?

There should be no problem whatsoever. I run several services on the same machine as my node…

However, if the server is an IaaS, your rented storage space will fill rapidly and the node will generally be much more expensive to run than will payout.

Mate thanks for the reply :slight_smile: i have a server with 32G and 800 GB ssd storage with 800 Mb upload and 680 Mb upload speed. and want to test storj on the same. currently running a seprate machine on storj to test it it cost me 20 a month to run the same but want to test it for minimum 5 months. Conf was same as above. what you think how much i can get from that 2 or 3 ?

When your entire storage space is completely full… 100% …

AFAIK, at the current prices, you will receive a payout of: 1.50 * 0.8 TB = $1.20 for storage at rest.

And $20.00 * TB of download egress traffic

So, if you are actually able to rent 800 GB of storage at $20.00 per month, it’s possible to turn a profit. However, not within a 5 month time span. All new nodes need to be run for at least 10 months before receiving full payout. If you run your node for only 5 months, you are looking at the following schedule:

Months 1-3 : 25 % payout
Months 4 and 5: 50% payout

In the first month, your node will receive less traffic than normal.

I love lamp.


But yes, that should work fine as long as they are not contending too much for resources.

Thanks for replying mate

Just to clarify, the total accumulated amounts held back in the first 9 months during which you do not receive the full amount in your monthly payouts will be partially (half) paid out to you on month 15 while the other half of the total held amount will remain set aside for the event that your node may leave the network without graceful exit, in which case the remaining held amount will be used to pay for the repair traffic that will be caused by the node abruptly leaving the network. You can recover this reserved held amount in the event your node completes a full graceful exit. More on this can be read in this blog post. So you are really earning the full payout amount all along, however there is a time delay in when part of your earned payouts will be released to your wallet address. This is to keep the node churn on the network to a minimum for maximum resilience.

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