Is it posible not use temperary files?

Is it posible to configure windows GUI nodes to no use temperary folder on disk, and hold it in RAM?
I have 12-16 GB ran on PC so RAM is not a problem.

Maybe you can create a ramdisk and configure the temp path pointing to that?

I hope there is some configuration point, havent seen any. Hope for some responce from Storj teem

How about an NTFS junction pointing the temp folder to a ramdisk volume?

I am not aware that we would write anything into the temp path.

Anyway yes you can solve that with windows. Setup a RAM disk and move your temp folder to that. That way it works for all apps on your system.

On Node HDD there is temp folder, and there apears files and disapear. Looks like you write file there before to write it to blob folder. does it make copy to blob folder and delete it from there or it move it?

jus if it meke copy from there there it just make twice write operation.

and it looks like some of files for some reason stay there forever

Hopefully it is a move. I am not sure how to verify that.