Is it posible to make GE if you DQ?

I got DQ when mooved node to new disk, Imesed with identity(chosed wrong one that was used)

I wand to upload data from DQ node to network to lower repear cost to network.
I know i wont get held ammount.

The disqualification is permanent and cannot be restated if audit score below 0.6

The audit score is clearly states that node is unhealthy thus the GE is not possible.

this mean, that i will throw away 2TB of data, and network will pay for it repear. I think this posibility cold be made. that DQ can make GE for free.

This is the same problem as with the restored data - the storagenode has no way to prove that the data is really healthy. The audit will take a lot of expensive satellite’s time. For the network it’s much cheaper to recover that data sometime in the future, when trigger got fired.

wasnt there some king of hash that new node that get this data shold send its hash and this hash shold be same as satelite has? or something like that? So when my node make GE then data integrity check is made by default? who know what hapen during transfer

I do not want to go to the infinity cycle.
The storagenode is untrusted entity.
The storagenode have no knowledge what is it storing for security reasons.
The only way to prove the health of data is audit it.
The audit can be done only by satellite, which holds metadata. This is expensive operation. Satellites uses probabilistic method of auditing. They do not audit the whole storagenode. The current implementation guarantee that node will be disqualified within a short time if it start to failing audits.

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