Is it possible for an ISP to throttle the storage Satellites?

I ask as I recently changed ISP to a faster one. My throughput increased for the first 2 weeks then Ingress just dropped. My storage node data usage has halved. I now get 5 gig of Ingress per day. I’m pretty sure I was getting 15. Speed test show they are providing the right bandwidth but I’m wondering if they didn’t like the constant storage node usage and decided to do something about it like putting some bandwidth limitations on the satellites.

I’ve a a 3TB node with 2.25 TB used. Egress is triple Ingress. Not sure if I’m just dreaming or I have a real problem? It’s been like this for a month now.

Maybe someone set up another node in the same /24 subnet as you.

You can test this by setting up yet another node. If your total ingress goes up, then there’s another node in your subnet.

Wouldn’t the ISP throttle by port then?
If so you could change the port on your node and see if there is a change.

Last ~month has been slow for everyone data-wise.

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A handy tool to check, although I’d say it’s not 100% accurate.


Not 100%, yea, but be sure to try both IP and DNS for this as I have a node where putting in the IP doesn’t find it but the DNS does (even though the DNS resolved to that same IP… stuff’s weird).

OK, so other way to look at it is someone may be sharing with me. ta.