Is it possible to publish static site without own domain/sub domain?


Sorry for asking newbie question.

I’ve tried to read all documentation about it but still not getting positif answer of this:
Is it possible to publish static site without my own domain/sub domain? purely using storj url only.

I try this:
uplink.exe share sj:/// --url --not-after=none --base-url=

the get this link:

but the link only show the index.html object to download and the map, not publish as static site.

as long as i remember i can do this in amazon s3 bucket.

is it possible in storj?


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Hello @kinjgr,
Welcome to the forum!
You must use your own domain - we forced to disable content rendering on our linkshare because of some accounts started to use this feature for phishing and distribute a malware or malicious files, so most of content will not be rendered if you did not use your own domain.


Hi Alexey, thx a lot for your fast answer. saving me a lot of time try to figuring out.