Is it safe to host Nextcloud on a root server when using Tardigrade?

If I host Nextcloud on a root server and using Tardigrade is it secure? Or does the admins from the data center still have access to the data

If you store something on your server in the datacenter, this data is available for the datacenter provider.
The data on Tardigrade is not available without your API and encryption keys.

@Alexey Thanks for info. But I understand that there is a storj_config.json file for Nextcloiud.
And then the datacenter can Read out my API keys when I host Nextcloud on a root server and using Tardigrade

I see. Then they could have an access to your data, if they figure out how and what exactly they should do to receive it.

If you are concerned about that, you should host your nextcloud instance at home.

Any Ideas to host it secure on a root server?

Use encrypted partition on the server and store those files there. You will need to decrypt and mount your partition every time you restart server and decryption key will be available in memory while server is running. So host system could take snapshot of the servers RAM and find the key theoretically. If you host on new AMD server that has full memory encryption for guest, then you might be able to mitigate that issue too

@570RJ So when I create a encrypted partition also the admin is not able via a RS232 console acces my data ?

Anyone that has root access to the server could dump the encryption key from memory. If the server is running on a vmware, kvm or similar hypervisor, the hypervisor could also create a snapshot of the RAM and it could be used to dump the encryption keys.