Is it safe to turn off Storj Share V7-3-4?

Hey there

Looking through my servers, i found a lonely StorJ Share Server i’ve set up on 30.12.2017:

About Storj Share reads:
GUI 7.3.4
Daemon 5.3.1
Core 8.7.2
Protocol 1.2.0

Seems disconnected an still has about 1.8GB shared data.

I guess this veteran can be “removed from disk” with honor, right?

Best regards,

This has been shut down for a long time now you can delete it it’s useless now. It’s v3 you can go to to check out the new.

I wonder how many more forgotten v2 storj share clients are still out there. It’s kind of funny to still see these kind of posts pop up every once in a while.

I hope you’re already on v3 as well? If not, definitely check it out!

thanks for the feedback.

i’ve set up one of the first v3 nodes but after an update, the watchtower started endless containers until the whole server froze. due to lack of experience with linux (and not enough time) i just shut it down. by then, i was asked to leave the v2 node running as it was still productive.

this weekend, i’ve finally had the time to start the v3 from scratch and yes, it’s online. and yes, I’ll shut down the v2 server now. has been a honor :slight_smile:


No reason to say goodbye, this is all just getting started! :slight_smile:

I remember that issue with lots of containers spawning. You weren’t the only one who ran into that, but I’m pretty sure that has been fixed. Looks like you’re on windows though and if that’s the case you don’t have to bother with docker anymore at all since there is now the windows installer.


v2 ran on windows. v3 now runs within debian. had problems with nested virtualization running storj in docker in windows on vmware esx :sweat_smile:

now everything seems to run smoothly and by now i’m able to shut down docker containers if necessary :sweat_smile:

nice to see your well known nick, @BrightSilence. good to see you’re still around.

I’ve been a bit busier with life lately, but yes, still definitely hanging out here when I can.

Yeah, several layers of virtualization isn’t ideal. But you can’t argue with avoiding windows’ forced updates and restarts. :slight_smile: I think you made the right decision.

I miss those times :frowning:
That GUI was really simple and nice