Is it worth upgrading the Internet connection?

Hi atm i have 3 nodes (2 full and one half way)
and i have vdsl 50/10mbit.
I have the possibility to upgrade to 1000/50mbit cable from Vodafone (germany)
Will i get more in/egress if the connection is faster? (its possible that the ping is higher)

Is anyone out there who has gone that way?

it depends on what is differents on payment, how much is you connection loaded, i you now use 10 mb on ingres and 5 on egres then no need, you wont get much more. I have 300/300 connection and my almost 100 TB use only 50 normaly now and bigest up to 100 mbit

I kind of have to agree. About a year ago (around the time I started working from home full time) I upgraded my internet connection to 1Gbps up and down, and it’s helped not bottleneck my up speeds when I’m constantly on conference calls, and when my wife was also working from home on video calls, plus then the various other devices we have here at the home, including my storj nodes.

But with recent bandwidth usage by storj, I’d have to say it’s probably not worth it. Definitely go for it if it’s a really good deal and/or you need the additional bandwidth for other services or tasks. But don’t do it just for Storj.

Here’s what my bandwidth usage from Storj has looked like from the past 80 days.

For reference, I have 6 nodes running, with a total, current space used of ~13.7TB and ~10TB free. Oldest node is 19 months, and three newest nodes are 2-3 months.

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Ok Thanks for the answers.