Is my node offline or is the dashboard bugged?

hi all, quick question here. noticed my node says offline, yet its showing an uptime of a few minutes (matches time when i tried restarting the windows service) and the “last contact” is very incorrect haha. i haven’t noticed my bandwidth used change tonight so is something wrong or is it nothing to worry about? thanks for the help in advance.

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Can you show last 20 lines of your log?

this is the only error i could find in my log recently, not sure exactly what it means but i assume its whats causing the issue, everything else looks normal:

Is your DDNS working correctly ?

appears so, has always worked fine for months now and I’ve triple checked, nothings changed

Can you show result of this command ?

Get-Service storagenode*

Where would i input that command? I have the windows gui version installed if that helps. Apologies, not the greatest at this hehe. Thank you for the help though its much appreciated

Execute that in command prompt (type cmd in RUN window) or powershell

Displayed 2 services, the node and the updater. Both say running

Check if your port is open from this link.

Enter port 28967 then click Check.

Site said it was closed. Checked on my modem and it said it was open, closed it and reopened and now storj is showing online again. Thanks for pointing that out, wouldn’t have thought to try that, very odd. Thanks for the help!

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Are you using Internet explorer?

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