Is my wallet smart contract?

I read about support page How do I hold STORJ? What is a valid address or compatible wallet? – Storj

It says Do not use the STORJ Token smart contract address

Currently, i’m using My Ether Wallet according that support page mentioned.

I copied 0xF6E8…7d55 which My main account profile was generated by default by MEW, then i assign that wallet address to storagenode. therefore, my wallet address has shown in node dashboard

The problem is i have no idea is my wallet smart contract or not.

Will i get pay out using current address?

Hello @wawan-ikhwan ,
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You will be paid independently of what ETH address is used. Nobody can check is it valid or not.
The only question - do you have a control on your private keys? If yes - then you would be able to move STORJ tokens out of this address with any other wallet, if the current one doesn’t work.

The MEW creates a normal ETH address, which can be used for ERC20 tokens too (include STORJ).

Please, read this information regarding Minimum Payouts Threshold on Ethereum (L1): Storage Node Operator Payout Information - Node Operator