Is QUIC working — any test for SNOs?

Given that QUIC seems to already be deployed, I wonder whether there is any diagnostic that would help me verify that my UDP forwarding for QUIC is working correctly?

It would be nice to, let say, see a diagnostic message in the logs from time to time, or have a count in the database noting the number of transfers that use QUIC, or maybe a note with each transfer whether it was done using HTTP or QUIC, etc.

I’ll also note that currently the documentation only suggests to set up TCP forwarding, not UDP: Port Forwarding - Storj

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We will notify operators to change the forwarding option when we would be ready to use it.
We still have a bunch of testing of this feature.
At the moment all what you need to participate is to forward the UDP too. In some Linux systems you also need to adjust some core parameters (it warns about this in the log).
You already noticed that :slight_smile:

Yeah, so I’d like to test whether it works, that’s what the post is about :wink:

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