Is satellite 118UW... offline?

Is this satellite offline? I rebooted my node earlier and restarted, and ever since almost all interactions have solely been with Satellite 12Eay… as the vetting process for Satellite 12L9Z…hasn’t completed yet.

I’m hoping that my node hasn’t been disqualified from that satellite for some reason…

Please, fire a support ticket on with your NodeID and full docker run command

traffic came to a standstill around 3:00pm CST today.

Hey @dragonhogan! No, the satellite is not offline. Earlier today we halted all uploads in order to run a few tests. We’ll be starting the uploads/downloads back up again before long.

As we bring users and partners onto our network, we want to ensure the best possible experience so we may adjust the levels of generated load or pause it from time to time. As the non Storj generated load increases, we will decrease our load.