Is Storj a Dapp?

Is storj a dapp ? I am confused since storj uses eth and i am not finding storj as dapp anywhere just curious to know about it

No, storj is not Dapp

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why? is this definition not correct

A decentralized application that runs on a distributed computing system.

DApps have their backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, as opposed to typical applications where the backend code is running on centralized servers. A DApp can have frontend code and user interfaces written in any language that can make calls to its backend. Furthermore, its frontend can be hosted on decentralized storage such as Swarm or IPFS.

DApps are typically open source, decentralized, incentivized through providing tokens to those who validate the DApp, and in compliance with a specific protocol agreed upon within the community.

Storj not fulli decentralized. Main failure point - centralized satellites with only one operator. Only storj team can create satellites.

Hi, @jocelyn! Maybe I wrong and now I (or anyone else) can start own satellite for ALL SNO?


Any words from storj team to make it a fully de centralized system?

This is ambiguous though:

. It´s a decentralized( satellites make it centralized), end-to-end encrypted cloud storage platform that uses cryptography to secure your files.

The file storage is decentralized but the orchestration of storage and nodes is centralized through satellites.

I probably wouldn’t place Storj in the DApp-sphere…

But it’s listed on State of the DApps :

However, that page seems to have been abandoned, with the last update in Jan 2019.

Storj does not run on the blockchain, although the payments to SNOs are ERC-20 tokens and customers have the option of paying in STORJ.

Yes, here is couple of words about that plan: